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Voted #1 Food Truck in Indianapolis in 2016 & 2017

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What's a Pierogi?

Pronounced  "pier-doggy," (now you sound Polish, look at you go!) pierogi is simply the BEST food you will EVER experience!

Pierogi are a popular Polish food, similar to dumplings. In fact, it is considered a national dish of Poland and Slovakia! 

Simply put, pierogi are pockets of dough wrapped around a savory filling (such as meat, cheese, vegetables, desserts). They are then either sauteed, boiled, or deep fried until they've reached a flavorful perfection, and served with a topping (such as sour cream, butter, or more!).

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Voted #1 Food Truck via Indy's A-List


Voted #1 Food Truck by the people of Indy via Indy's A-List


#1 Food Truck in Indiana via Food Truck Wars

Voted BEST Food Truck via Indy's A-List



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